Housing (Regulation of Approved Housing Bodies) Act 2019


Number 47 of 2019




Preliminary and General


1. Short title, collective citation and commencement

2. Interpretation

3. Expenses

4. Review of Act

5. Giving of documents

6. Offences and penalties


Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority

7. Establishment day

8. Establishment of Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority

9. Functions of Regulator

10. Grants to Regulator

11. Chief executive

12. Functions of chief executive

13. Delegation of functions of chief executive

14. Appearance of chief executive before Committee of Public Accounts

15. Accountability of chief executive to other Oireachtas Committees

16. Consultants and advisers

17. Transfer of employees of Housing Agency to Regulator

18. Staff of Regulator

19. Superannuation

20. Strategy statement

21. Accounts of Regulator

22. Reports to Minister

23. Administrative cooperation on regulatory matters

24. Information relating to offences, etc.


Regulation of AHBs

Chapter 1


25. Eligibility criteria for application to register as AHB

26. Register of AHBs

27. Application for registration

28. Grant or refusal of registration

29. Notice of proposed decision of Regulator to refuse application

30. Right to respond to notice of proposed decision

31. Notice of decision of Regulator

32. Correction of register

33. Evidential value of entries in register

34. Certain persons deemed to be registered as AHBs

35. Prohibited conduct in relation to registration

Chapter 2

Information and records

36. Power of Regulator to require information and records

Chapter 3


37. Standards for AHBs


Standards Assessment and Compliance Plans

38. Making a standards assessment

39. Compliance plan

40. Notice of non-compliance

41. Notice of implementation of compliance plan

42. Failure to implement compliance plan

43. Entry on register of particulars of notice of non-implementation



44. Definitions (Part 5)

45. Appointment of inspectors

46. Investigation into affairs of AHB

47. Investigation reports

48. Production of documents and evidence on investigation

49. Power of inspectors

50. Investigation report to be evidence

51. Offence

52. Saving for privileged information, etc.



Chapter 1

Transfer of Certain Dwellings and Protection of AHBs

53. Protection of tenants: requirement to transfer certain dwellings

54. Protection of AHBs

Chapter 2

Notice to Regulator of Certain Events and Examinership

55. Notice to Regulator of certain events

56. Examinership: modification of Part 10 of Act of 2014 for purposes of application to AHBs

Chapter 3

Cancellation of Registration of AHB

57. Cancellation of registration where AHB requests

58. Cancellation of registration on specified grounds

59. Cancellation of registration where AHB ceases to exist

60. Removal from register following cancellation of registration



61. Appeals Panel

62. Appeals Board

63. Appeal

64. Appeal on question of law



65. Prohibition on unauthorised disclosure of confidential information

66. Report of Minister


Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions

67. Amendments of Act of 1992

68. Construction of certain references in other Acts or instruments made under Acts

69. Transitional provisions: certain assistance under section 6 of Act of 1992 to be continued on cancellation of registration under section 58

70. Transitional provisions: payment of grant under section 6(2)(d) of Act of 1992


Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority

Acts Referred to

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Carer’s Leave Act 2001 (No. 19)

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Number 47 of 2019


An Act to provide for the regulation of approved housing bodies for the purposes of protecting certain housing assets provided or managed by such bodies; to establish a body to be known in the Irish language as An tÚdarás Rialála Comhlachtaí Tithíochta Ceadaithe or, in the English language, as the Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority and to confer functions on it; to provide for the registration of certain persons as approved housing bodies; to provide for the setting of standards for approved housing bodies relating to governance, financial management, property and asset management and tenancy management and compliance with those standards; to provide for the carrying out of standards assessments and the monitoring of the implementation of compliance plans; to provide for the carrying out of investigations; to make provision in relation to the protection of approved housing bodies; to provide for the application, with modification, of certain provisions of the Companies Act 2014 to approved housing bodies; to provide for the cancellation of registration of approved housing bodies; to provide for the establishment of an Appeals Panel to hear appeals from certain decisions of the Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority; for those purposes to amend the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1992 ; and to provide for related matters.

[23rd December, 2019]

Be it enacted by the Oireachtas as follows: