Radiological Protection (Amendment) Act 2018


9. The Principal Act is amended by the insertion of the following section after section 29A (inserted by section 8 ):

29B. (1) The Agency shall, in relation to relevant activities registered or licensed by it, establish and maintain—

(a) a register of registered relevant activities, and

(b) a register of licensed relevant activities.

(2) Where the Agency grants registration or a licence, it shall enter in the appropriate register referred to in subsection (1) particulars of—

(a) the relevant activity registered or licensed, as the case may be,

(b) the registered person or licensee, as the case may be,

(c) the purpose for which the relevant activity has been registered or licensed,

(d) any conditions attached by the Agency to the registration or specified in the licence, and

(e) such other particulars as the Agency considers appropriate.

(3) A relevant activity in respect of which registration or a licence is granted may be carried out in accordance with the registration or licence, as the case may be, from the date on which the particulars referred to in subsection (2) are entered in the register of registered relevant activities or the register of registered licensed activities, as appropriate.”.