Minerals Development Act 2017

Surrender of licences

45. (1) Every prospecting licence and retention licence is subject to the condition that the licensee may not surrender the licence concerned without the prior written approval of the Minister.

(2) The Minister shall approve the surrender of a licence if—

(a) the licensee submits an application in the prescribed form,

(b) the applicant provides the prescribed information and any additional information required by the Minister,

(c) the licensee satisfies the Minister that there are no outstanding rehabilitation or environmental issues in relation to the land that is subject to the licence,

(d) the disposal of any drill cores and other material produced through the prospecting has been carried out to the satisfaction of the Minister, and

(e) the licensee has—

(i) complied with the condition to submit reports on the prospecting it has conducted, and

(ii) submitted a report setting out the status of its exploration programme as close as is practicable to the date of the proposed surrender.