Rugby World Cup 2023 Act 2017


1. In this Act—

“bid to host the tournament” means the bid to host the tournament on the territory of the island of Ireland;

“bidding process” means the process of making a bid to host the tournament and any proposal to purchase any commercial rights relating to the tournament;

“commercial rights” means those commercial rights (including hospitality, licensing and sponsorship) belonging to Rugby World Cup Limited that it holds in respect of the tournament;

“Minister” means Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport;

“Rugby World Cup Limited” means the company incorporated under the laws of the Isle of Man and having its principal place of business at 8-10 Pembroke Street, in the city of Dublin (company number 043750C);

“tournament” means Rugby World Cup 2023;

“tournament budget” means any expenditure projected to be incurred or actually incurred by the tournament company staging the tournament;

“tournament company” means a company referred to in section 2.