Road Traffic Act 2016

Vehicle insurer obligations

4. (1) A vehicle insurer, who as a result of an inspection of a mechanically propelled vehicle determines that such vehicle is defective to the extent that it is—

(a) when in motion, a danger to the public, and

(b) beyond repair,

shall notify the Minister in accordance with subsection (2) within 5 working days of such inspection.

(2) When an insurer notifies the Minister under subsection (1) it shall also notify the Minister whether, based on the inspection of the vehicle, it is suitable for the salvaging of viable automotive parts.

(3) A notification under this section shall be dated and shall include the following:

(a) the registration number (if any) of the vehicle;

(b) the make, model and body type of the vehicle;

(c) the VIN, or vehicle identification number, of the vehicle, that is to say, the fixed combination of characters assigned to the vehicle by a manufacturer or its authorised distributor for vehicle identification purposes which is marked on the chassis, frame or other similar structure of the vehicle;

(d) the date on which the vehicle was inspected by, or on behalf of, the vehicle insurer;

(e) if the defect in the vehicle was the result of an event involving the vehicle which occurred in a public place, the date of that event and, if any insurance claim arose in relation to the vehicle’s involvement, the insurance company’s claim number in respect of that claim.

(4) The Minister may make regulations prescribing the manner in which a notification under subsection (2) shall be made including, in particular, whether it is to be made electronically or in hard-copy.