Road Traffic Act 2016

Amendment of section 22 of Road Traffic Act 2002

33. Section 22 of the Road Traffic Act 2002 is amended—

(a) by substituting for subsection (1) (inserted by section 63 of the Road Traffic Act 2010 ) the following:

“(1) Where a person is convicted of an offence under the Road Traffic Acts 1961 to 2016 other than an offence under—

(a) section 38, 84, 85 or 101 of the Principal Act, or

(b) section 35 (in so far as it relates to the parking of vehicles), 36 or 36A (inserted by section 12 of the Roads Act 2007 ) of the Act of 1994,

the presiding judge shall require the person to produce his or her driving licence or learner permit to the registrar, clerk or other principal officer of the court, and the court shall record—

(i) whether or not the licence or permit was produced, and

(ii) where the licence or permit was produced, the details specified in that licence or permit.”,


(b) in subsection (2) by substituting “a requirement under subsection (1) ” for “the requirements of subsection (1) ”.