Energy Act 2016

Amendment of section 9 of Act of 1999

11. Section 9 of the Act of 1999 is amended in subsection (1) by substituting the following paragraphs for (m) and (n):

“(m) to carry out investigations into the functioning of the electricity and gas markets,

(n) to decide upon and impose effective and proportionate measures to promote effective competition,

(o) to have regard to the benefits of developing demand-side participation in electricity markets, including  through energy efficiency, demand-response, distributed generation, energy storage and the use of digital technologies,

(p) to have regard to the facilitation of consumers to provide, consume and trade electricity that they have generated,

(q) to have regard to the need to provide for flexibility in the trading of electricity to facilitate trading close to real time in order to better integrate renewable electricity and provide accurate price signals to the market,

(r) to have regard to the use of energy storage technologies in participating in the balancing of electricity demand and supply, and

(s) to have regard to the need to ensure that grid connection policy takes account of renewable energy policy, including any such policy in relation to community energy projects.”.