Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015



Definitions — Part 4

16. In this Part—

“appointer” means a co-decision-maker appointer;

“authenticated”, in relation to a co-decision-making agreement which is registered, means bearing the signature of the Director, the date on which his or her signature was applied and the date of registration of the co-decision-making agreement;

“co-decision-maker”, in relation to an appointer, means the suitable person who the appointer appoints under section 17 , to jointly make with the appointer decisions on the appointer’s personal welfare or property and affairs, or both, in compliance with this Part and regulations made under section 31;

“co-decision-maker appointer” means a person who appoints a co-decision-maker under section 17 ;

“co-decision-making agreement” means a co-decision-making agreement referred to in section 17(3);

“suitable” shall be construed in accordance with section 17 (2).