Harbours Act 2015

Amendment of section 41 of Act of 1996 (existing superannuation schemes, establishment of pension funds, arrangements for pilots)

43. Section 41 of the Act of 1996 is amended by substituting for subsection (1) the following:

“41. (1) A superannuation scheme—

(a) made under—

(i) section 151 of the Act of 1946, or

(ii) any other enactment (other than one referred to in subsection (6)),


(b) registered under section 60 of the Pensions Act 1990 ,

by the former harbour authority of a company’s harbour and which is in force immediately before the relevant vesting day shall (notwithstanding the repeal by, or, as the case may be, any cesser effected by, subsection (5) of section 151 of the Act of 1946 or other enactment aforesaid) continue in force and to apply to each person to whom it applied immediately before that day.”.