ESB (Electronic Communications Networks) Act 2014

Electric line

4. (1) A reference to an electric line wherever it occurs in the ESB Acts 1927 to 2014 shall be construed and have effect and be deemed always to have had effect as meaning any line which is used solely or amongst other things for carrying electricity for any purpose and as including—

(a) any support for any such line, that is to say, any structure, pole or other thing in, on, by or from which any such line may be supported, carried or suspended,

(b) any apparatus connected to or associated with any such line for the purpose of carrying electricity or electronic communications services, whether such apparatus is owned by the Board or by any company referred to in section 2 or by a company which has been provided access or services referred to in section 3, or

(c) any wire, cable, tube, pipe or similar thing (including its casing or coating) which is used for the purpose of carrying electricity or electronic communications services and which surrounds or supports or is surrounded or supported by, or is installed in close proximity to, or is supported, carried or suspended in association with, any such line.

(2) In section 51(1) of the Principal Act a reference to lines shall be read and be deemed always to have been read as a reference to electric lines (within the meaning of subsection (1) of this section).

(3) Section 2 (1) of the Electricity Regulation Act 1999 is amended by substituting for the definition of “electric line” the following:

“ ‘electric line’ has the meaning assigned to it by section 4(1) of the ESB (Electronic Communications Networks) Act 2014.”.

(4) Subsections (2) and (3) of section 46 of the Electricity (Supply) (Amendment) Act 1945 are repealed.