Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act 2010

Reduction in public service pension.

2.— (1) With effect on and from 1 January 2011, the annualised amount of a public service pension payable in accordance with his or her entitlement to a person who—

(a) is a pensioner, or

(b) becomes a pensioner on or at any time before the relevant date or, in the case of a pensioner falling under paragraph (c) of the definition of “pensioner” in section 1 , at any time after that date,

shall be reduced in accordance with the Table in this subsection.


Annualised amount of public service pension


Up to €12,000


Any amount over €12,000 but not over €24,000

6 per cent

Any amount over €24,000 but not over €60,000

9 per cent

Any amount over €60,000

12 per cent

(2) This section has effect notwithstanding—

(a) any provision by or under—

(i) any other enactment,

(ii) any statute or other document to like effect of a university or other third level institution,

(iii) any pension scheme or arrangement,

(iv) any circular or instrument or other document,

(v) any written agreement or contractual arrangement, or

(b) any verbal agreement, arrangement or understanding or any expectation.