Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009

Regulations (Part 5).

95.— (1) The Minister may make regulations in relation to all or any one or more of the following:

(a) the class or classes of dwelling in respect of which financial assistance may be provided to eligible households for the purposes of section 81 ;

(b) subject to section 84 , the class or classes of households with whom affordable dwelling purchase arrangements may be entered into;

(c) the minimum and maximum of the amount which may be charged under a charging order, the maximum of which shall not in any case exceed 40 per cent of the market value of the dwelling concerned;

(d) the maximum amount of the financial assistance which may be provided under section 81 to an eligible household to purchase an open market dwelling under an affordable dwelling purchase arrangement;

(e) the form and manner of, and the terms and conditions to be specified in, affordable dwelling purchase arrangements, including the following—

(i) the provision of mortgage protection insurance, and

(ii) the minimum deposit payable by the household in respect of the purchase of an affordable dwelling;

(f) the form of a transfer order;

(g) the form and content of a charging order;

(h) the determination of the minimum charged period, or the range within which a housing authority shall fix the minimum charged period, which shall not in any case be less than 25 years from the date of sale;

(i) subject to subsection (2), the amount to be prescribed in respect of a payment under section 87 ;

(j) the form and manner in which a purchaser shall notify a housing authority of his or her proposal to make a payment under section 87 ;

(k) the class or classes or description of person who are suitably qualified by reference to their qualifications and experience to determine the market value of a dwelling for any of the purposes of this Part;

(l) such other matters as the Minister considers necessary and appropriate relating to the provision of affordable dwellings or affordable dwelling purchase arrangements.

(2) For the purposes of subsection (1) (i), the Minister may prescribe an amount or a percentage of the market value of the dwelling at the time of the payment under section 87 .