Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008

Chapter 4

Traffic Management

Strategic traffic management plan.

64.— (1) The Authority shall prepare, adopt and implement a strategic traffic management plan for the GDA (“ traffic management plan ”) to identify the actions to be taken to secure, in the view of the Authority, the optimal movement of persons, goods and vehicles.

(2) In preparing the traffic management plan, the Authority shall have regard to—

(a) current and projected traffic volumes,

(b) relevant regional planning guidelines under Chapter III, Part II, of the Act of 2000,

(c) Transport 21 or any subsequent capital investment framework for transport published by the Minister or Government,

(d) the Department of Transport’s sectoral plan under the Disability Act 2005 or any subsequent sectoral plan under that Act,

(e) demographic, economic and social trends in the GDA,

(f) existing, planned and projected land use developments,

(g) any significant impacts on the movement of persons, goods and vehicles arising from construction and other works, and

(h) such other matters as may be prescribed by the Minister from time to time or as the Authority considers appropriate.

(3) A traffic management plan shall in particular identify the actions to be taken to ameliorate the impact on the movement of persons, goods and vehicles arising from construction works and other works in relation to the provision of transport infrastructure and utility works, whether carried out by a road authority or a third party. The plan shall also identify the actions to be taken to provide and maintain accessible routes for people with disabilities during any such works.

(4) The Authority shall, in the course of preparing a traffic management plan, consult with and consider the views of the NRA, road authorities, the Garda Síochána, local communities, transport users, public transport operators, port and airport authorities and companies and other interested parties in the GDA and shall invite written public submissions on the plan.

(5) The Authority shall ensure that the traffic management plan is reviewed and a new plan adopted not later than 6 years after the adoption of the previous plan.

(6) Notwithstanding subsection (5), the Authority shall review its traffic management plan and adopt a new plan at any time where the Authority deems it appropriate to do so or following a direction from the Minister to carry out such a review.