Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008

Integrated public transport information scheme.

60.— (1) The Authority may develop, procure, implement, operate and maintain an information scheme (“integrated information scheme”) for public transport in the GDA or such other areas or public passenger transport services as may be specified by the Minister under section 63 .

(2) The integrated information scheme—

(a) shall provide an integrated multi-modal timetable of public passenger transport services to inform users of the full range and times of public passenger transport services available including details on the accessibility elements of such services,

(b) shall, where practicable, provide for the provision of information to users of public passenger transport services on a real time basis, and

(c) may provide information and data to the Authority for the performance of its functions.

(3) The Authority may decide the means by which the integrated information scheme is made available but it shall, at minimum, ensure that the timetable referred to in subsection (2)(a) is available in accessible paper and electronic formats including on the internet. The Authority shall endeavour to make the integrated information scheme available in alternative, accessible formats.

(4) The Authority shall ensure that the integrated information scheme is as up-to-date as is reasonable and practicable at all times.

(5) Notwithstanding any enactment, other rules of law or, in the case of a company any provision contained in the memorandum and articles of association of that company, the Authority shall give a direction to all or such public transport operators as it considers appropriate for the provision of the integrated information scheme to—

(a) generate and provide information in a manner, form and within a time specified by the Authority, and

(b) comply with any requirements specified by the Authority for an integrated information scheme.

(6) The Authority may assign any or all of its functions in relation to the development, procurement, implementation, operation and maintenance of an integrated information scheme to a third party.

(7) The Authority may terminate or vary at any time an assignment of functions under subsection (6).

(8) Where the Authority terminates or varies an assignment in accordance with subsection (7), it shall recompense the assignee for the reasonable costs incurred, if any, by it up to the time of termination or variation.

(9) (a) The Authority is the owner of any information or data related to an integrated information scheme generated by—

(i) the Authority or a third party who has been assigned a function under subsection (6), or

(ii) a public transport operator pursuant to a direction under subsection (5).

(b) The Authority or a third party who has been assigned a function under subsection (6) shall provide adequate safeguards to ensure the security of commercially sensitive data generated or provided under this section in relation to the integrated information scheme and shall ensure that such data are not disclosed to third parties without the consent of any relevant public transport operator.

(c) Nothing in paragraph (b) prevents the use of information or data generated or provided under this section for the purposes of other functions of the Authority, or the provision of the data to other statutory authorities for the discharge of their functions, provided that such use does not result in the disclosure of, what is in the opinion of the Authority, commercially sensitive information in relation to an identifiable person or public transport operator except with the consent of such person or operator.