Chemicals Act 2008

Directions for improvement plan.

14.— (1) Where an inspector is of the opinion that there is occurring or likely to occur any activity that involves or is likely to involve a risk to human health or the environment, he or she may give a direction to a person whom the inspector considers to be in control of the activity to which a duty under the relevant chemicals statutory provisions applies requiring submission to him or her of an improvement plan.

(2) A direction given under subsection (1) shall—

(a) identify the activity which is or is likely to be a risk,

(b) require the submission to the inspector, not later than one month after the giving of the directions, of an improvement plan specifying the remedial action proposed to be taken,

(c) require the person in control of the activity to implement the plan, and

(d) include any other requirements that the inspector considers necessary.

(3) Within one month of receipt of an improvement plan submitted under subsection (2), an inspector, by notice to the person who submitted the plan—

(a) shall confirm whether or not he or she is satisfied that the plan is adequate, or

(b) may direct that the plan be revised as specified in the notice and resubmitted to the inspector within the period specified in the notice.