Prisons Act 2007


Inspector of Prisons

Inspector of Prisons.

30.— (1) The Minister may appoint a person (to be known as the Inspector of Prisons) to perform the functions conferred on him or her by this Part.

(2) The Inspector of Prisons—

(a) shall hold office on such terms and conditions, including remuneration, as the Minister may determine with the consent of the Minister for Finance,

(b) may at any time resign the office by letter addressed to the Minister, the resignation to take effect on and from the date of receipt of the letter, and

(c) may at any time be removed by the Minister from office for stated misbehaviour or if, in the Minister’s opinion, he or she has become incapable through ill health of effectively performing his or her functions.

(3) The term of office of a person appointed to be Inspector of Prisons shall be such term, not exceeding 5 years, as the Minister may determine at the time of the appointment.

(4) Subject to this Part, an Inspector of Prisons is eligible for re-appointment.

(5) Subject to this Part, the Inspector of Prisons is independent in the performance of his or her functions.