Prisons Act 2007


Requirements relating to Construction and Extensions of Prisons

Interpretation (Part 4).

17.— In this Part—

“ development ” means—

(a) the proposed construction of a prison on a site not previously used for that purpose where—

(i) the area of the site is greater than 5 hectares, or

(ii) the prison is planned to accommodate more than 250 prisoners,


(b) the proposed construction or extension of a prison or part thereof on a site or portion of a site previously used as a prison where the new or extended prison—

(i) involves an increase of more than 50 per cent in the area of the site, or

(ii) is planned to accommodate more than 250 prisoners;

“ environmental impact assessment ” is to be construed in accordance with section 19 ;

“ site ”, in relation to a prison, includes any boundary walls or fences and any land which is used for car parking or is otherwise subsidiary or ancillary to the prison.