Social Welfare Law Reform and Pensions Act 2006

Early childcare supplement — consequential amendments to Principal Act.

29.— (1) Each provision of the Principal Act mentioned in column (1) of Schedule 6 to this Act is amended in the manner specified in column (2) of that Schedule opposite the mention of that provision in column (1).

(2) The following section is substituted for section 240 of the Principal Act:


240.— Except where otherwise provided, in this Part—

‘benefit’ means—

(a) any benefit described in section 39(1),

(b) any assistance described in section 139(1),

(c) child benefit,

(d) early childcare supplement,

(e) respite care grant,

(f) family income supplement,

(g) continued payment for qualified children, or

(h) EU payments within the meaning of Part 8.”.

(3) Section 300(2) of the Principal Act is amended by inserting the following after paragraph (c):

“(ca) Part 4A (early childcare supplement),”.

(4) This section comes into operation on 1 April 2006.