National Sports Campus Development Authority Act 2006

Conveyance of land to Authority.

30.— (1) A conveyance of land under section 7 (8) may be by way of a deed of conveyance or transfer, as may be appropriate, or an order (referred to in this section as a “vesting order”) made by the Minister for Agriculture and Food vesting the land concerned in the Authority.

(2) A vesting order shall be in the form prescribed by regulations made by the Minister under this section which he or she is hereby authorised to make and shall have attached thereto a map of the land to which it relates and it shall be expressed and shall operate to vest that land in the Authority for all the estate and interest of the Minister for Agriculture and Food therein but subject to all trusts and equities affecting that land subsisting and capable of being performed.

(3) When a vesting order is made under this section by the Minister for Agriculture and Food in relation to any land, he or she shall cause the order to be sent to the registering authority under the Registration of Title Act 1964 and thereupon the registering authority shall cause the Authority to be registered as owner of that land in accordance with the order.