Immigration Act 2004

Service of notices.

18.—(1) Where a notice is required or authorised by or under this Act to be served on or given to a person, it shall be addressed to him or her and shall be served on or given to him or her in some one of the following ways:

(a) by delivering it to him or her, or

(b) by sending it by post in a prepaid registered letter, or by any other form of recorded delivery service prescribed by the Minister, addressed to him or her at the address most recently furnished by him or her to the registration officer pursuant to section 9 , or to the Refugee Applications Commissioner pursuant to section 9(4A) of the Act of 1996, as the case may be or, in a case in which an address for service has been furnished, at that address.

(2) Where a notice under this Act has been sent to a person in accordance with subsection (1)(b), the notice shall be deemed to have been duly served on or given to the person on the third day after the day on which it was so sent.