Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2003

Amendment of section 16 (the register) of Principal Act.

16.—Section 16 of the Act of 1988 is amended by the substitution of the following subsection for subsection (1):

“(1) In this section ‘person to whom this section applies’ means a data controller and a data processor (other than such (if any) categories of data controller and data processor as may be specified in regulations made by the Minister after consultation with the Commissioner) except in so far as—

(a)  they carry out—

(i)  processing whose sole purpose is the keeping in accordance with law of a register that is intended to provide information to the public and is open to consultation either by the public in general or by any person demonstrating a legitimate interest,

(ii)  processing of manual data (other than such categories, if any, of such data as may be prescribed), or

(iii) any combination of the foregoing categories of processing,


(b)  the data controller is a body that is not established or conducted for profit and is carrying out processing for the purposes of establishing or maintaining membership of or support for the body or providing or administering activities for individuals who are either members of the body or have regular contact with it.”.