Official Languages Act 2003

Preparation of draft scheme by public body.

13.—(1) On receipt of a notice under section 11 , a public body shall—

(a) publish notice of its intention to prepare a draft scheme and invite representations from any interested parties, and

(b) within the time specified in the notice, prepare and present for confirmation to the Minister a draft scheme.

(2) In preparing a draft scheme the public body shall—

(a) have regard to any guidelines issued under section 12 and in force,

(b) have regard to any representations made by any interested party under subsection (1),

(c) ensure that an adequate number of its staff are competent in the Irish language so as to be able to provide its service through Irish as well as English,

(d) ensure that the particular Irish language requirements associated with the provision of services in Gaeltacht areas are met,

(e) ensure that the Irish language becomes the working language in its offices in the Gaeltacht not later than such date as may be determined by it with the consent of the Minister.

(3) A draft scheme shall contain only such matters as are required to be specified under subsections (1) and (2) of section 11 .