Industrial Development (Science Foundation Ireland) Act 2003

Chairperson of Board.

10.—(1) The term of office of the chairperson of the Board shall be 5 years.

(2) Where the chairperson of the Board ceases to be a member of the Board he or she shall also thereupon cease to be chairperson of the Board.

(3) The chairperson of the Board may at any time resign his or her office as chairperson by letter sent to the Minister and the resignation shall, unless previously withdrawn in writing, take effect at the commencement of the meeting of the Board held next after the Board has been informed by the Minister of the resignation.

(4) The chairperson of the Board shall, unless he or she sooner dies or otherwise ceases to be chairperson by virtue of subsection (2) or (3), hold office until the expiration of his or her period of membership of the Board and, if he or she is re-appointed as a member of the Board, he or she shall be eligible for re-appointment as chairperson of the Board.