Taxi Regulation Act 2003

Taximeter areas.

41.—(1) The Commission may—

(a) declare any area to be a taximeter area in which a taxi may operate for the carriage of a passenger for reward within the area, and

(b) extend or otherwise alter the boundary of a taximeter area.

(2) Before making a declaration under subsection (1), the Commission shall—

(a) consult with the Council, the Garda Commissioner and the local authority in whose functional area the taximeter area is located,

(b) publish a notice in one or more newspapers circulating in the area to be declared to be a taximeter area or where an existing taximeter area is to be extended or otherwise altered—

(i) indicating that it is proposed to make such a declaration, and

(ii) stating that representations in relation to the proposed declaration may be made in writing to the Commission within a period of one month from the publication of the notice,

(c) consider any observations made by the Council or the Garda Commissioner or a local authority under paragraph (a) and any representations made subsequent to the publication of the notice referred to in paragraph (b).

(3) An area declared before the commencement of this section to be a taximeter area under article 7(1) of the Regulations of 1995, or regarded to be a taximeter area under article 7(3) of the Regulations of 1995, is deemed to be a taximeter area for the purpose of this section and may be extended or altered by the Commission in accordance with this section.

(4) A licensing authority (within the meaning of the Regulations of 1995) shall not, upon the commencement of this section, declare, extend or alter a taximeter area under the Regulations of 1995.