Social Welfare Act, 2000

Assessment of means— fisherman.

19.—(1) Part I of the Third Schedule to the Principal Act is amended by the substitution in Rule 1 for paragraph (8) (inserted by section 22 of the Act of 1999) of the following paragraph:

“(8) in the case of a fisherman, the gross income derived from any form of self-employment less—

(a) any expenses necessarily incurred in carrying on any form of self-employment, and

(b) where the fisherman has a qualified child, who normally resides with him or her, an amount of—

(i) £200 per annum in respect of each of the first two qualified children, and

(ii) £300 per annum in respect of each subsequent qualified child,

calculated at the rate of 70 per cent.”.

(2) This section comes into operation on such day as the Minister may appoint by order.