National Pensions Reserve Fund Act, 2000


14.—(1) The Commission may establish committees to assist and advise it in relation to the performance of any of its functions.

(2) The Commission shall decide the terms of reference for any committee and may regulate the procedure of any such committee.

(3) The members of a committee shall be appointed by the Commission.

(4) A committee shall consist of such number of members as the Commission thinks proper.

(5) A committee may include persons who are not members of the Commission or staff of the Manager.

(6) A member of a committee who fails to perform his or her functions may be removed from it at any time for stated reasons by the Commission.

(7) The Commission may at any time dissolve a committee.

(8) The Commission may appoint a person to be chairperson of a committee.

(9) There shall be paid out of the income of the Fund such allowances for expenses incurred by the members of a committee in the discharge of their functions as the Commission may determine with the consent of the Minister.