Planning and Development Act, 2000

Chapter II

Organisation, Staffing, etc.

Performance of Board.

109.—(1) The Board shall supply the Minister with such information relating to the performance of its functions as he or she may from time to time request.

(2) (a) The Board shall conduct, at such intervals as it thinks fit or the Minister directs, reviews of its organisation and of the systems and procedures used by it in relation to appeals and referrals.

(b) Where the Minister gives a direction under this section, the Board shall report to the Minister the results of the review conducted pursuant to the direction and shall comply with any directive which the Minister may, after consultation with the Board as regards those results, give in relation to all or any of the matters which were the subject of the review.

(3) The Board may make submissions to the Minister as regards any matter pertaining to its functions.

(4) The Minister may consult with the Board as regards any matter pertaining to the performance of—

(a) the functions of the Board, or

(b) the functions assigned to the Minister by or under this Act or by any other enactment or by any order, regulation or other instrument thereunder.