National Beef Assurance Scheme Act, 2000

Revocation of licences under other Acts and regulations.

32.—(1) Where the Minister revokes, withdraws or refuses to grant an approval, licence or registration to a participant under—

(a) sections 12 (1), 15 and 16 of the Agricultural Produce (Fresh Meat) Act, 1930 ,

(b) section 11 of the Abattoirs Act, 1988 ,

(c) Regulation 4 or 6 of the European Communities (Fresh Meat) Regulations, 1997,

(d) Regulation 4 or 14 of the European Communities (Meat Products and Other Products of Animal Origin) Regulations, 1995,

(e) Regulation 4 or 8 of the European Communities (Minced Meat and Meat Preparations) Regulations, 1996,

(f) the European Communities (Approval and Registration of Establishments and Intermediaries operating in the Animal Feed Sector) Regulations, 1999 ( S.I. No. 88 of 1999 ).

(g) section 3 of the Livestock Marts Act, 1967 , or

(h) Regulation 13 of the Fertilisers, Feeding Stuffs and Mineral Mixtures Regulations, 1957 ( S.I. No. 264 of 1957 ),

any certificate of approval granted to the participant under this Act is deemed to be revoked.

(2) Sections 16 and 17 shall not apply to a deemed revocation under subsection (1) unless the Act or regulation under which the approval or licence was revoked or refused does not contain a right of appeal.