British-Irish Agreement Act, 1999

Repeals and revocation.

38.—(1) The enactments specified in column (2) of the Table to this Part are hereby repealed to the extent specified in column (3) thereof.

(2) The Irish Lights Commissioners (Adaptation) Order, 1935 ( S.R. & O., No. 661 of 1935 ), is hereby revoked.


Repeal Of Enactments

Session and Chapter or Number and Year

Long Title or Short Title

Extent of Repeal




26 Geo. 3, c. 19.

An Act of the Irish Parliament entitled “an Act for promoting the Trade of Dublin by rendering its Port and Harbour more commodious”.

The whole Act.

No. 5 of 1952.

Foyle Fisheries Act, 1952 .

Sections 5 and 15 to 22, Part IV, the Third Schedule (other than paragraphs 2 and 15) and the Fourth Schedule.