Oireachtas (Allowances To Members) and Ministerial, Parliamentary, Judicial and Court Offices (Amendment) Act, 1998

Allocations for allowances to other Committee members.

5.—(1) The Government may, by order—

(a) provide for the allocation to the chairperson of an Oireachtas Committee of an annual amount to enable allowances to be paid, at rates determined by that Committee, to—

(i) members of the Committee, or

(ii) members of any of its sub-committees,

other than those holding the positions mentioned in section 3 or 4 of this Act, in respect of the performance of specific duties that are assigned to them by the Committee or sub-committee and that relate to its operation, and

(b) determine from time to time—

(i) the Oireachtas Committees in respect of which allocations are to be made,

(ii) the amount of the allocation, and

(iii) the date from which the allocation is payable.

(2) An order under this section may provide for—

(a) different amounts by way of allocation for different Oireachtas Committees, and

(b) different dates from which the allocation is payable for different Oireachtas Committees.