Electoral Act, 1997

Application to be entered in postal voters list.

64.—(1) The following provisions shall apply in relation to an application to be entered in the postal voters list pursuant to section 63

(a) the application shall be in the form directed by the Minister;

(b) the application shall be signed by the applicant and completed in accordance with the instructions provided thereon and shall be accompanied by a certificate or a statutory declaration, as the case may require;

(c) the application form, duly completed, and the certificate or declaration shall be delivered or sent by post so as to be received by the registration authority not later than the last date for making claims for corrections in the draft register.

(2) An applicant to be entered in the postal voters list shall furnish to the registration authority in support of the application—

(a) in case the applicant is an employed person, a certificate from the applicant's employer, or, where the applicant is a person referred to in section 63 (2), a certificate from the registrar, or secretary, as may be appropriate, of the relevant educational institution, in the form directed by the Minister, and

(b) in every other case, a statutory declaration in the form directed by the Minister.