Electoral Act, 1997

Power of court to require information from agent.

59.—(1) Where, in dealing with legal proceedings referred to in section 58 , it appears to the court that any person who is, or has been, the election agent of a candidate at a presidential election has refused or failed to furnish a statement of election expenses, or to furnish the particulars necessary to enable the provisions of this Part in relation to the furnishing of the statement of election expenses to be complied with, the court may, before making an order under the said section 58 , order that person to attend before it.

(2) Unless a person referred to in subsection (1) shows cause to the contrary, the court may order that person—

(a) to furnish the statement of election expenses to the Public Offices Commission, or

(b) to furnish such particulars in the possession or procurement of that person as may be required for the purpose of furnishing such statement, as the court thinks fit, within such period, to such person and in such manner as it directs, and may require that person to provide such explanation of such particulars as the court directs.