Trade Marks Act, 1996

Registration subject to disclaimer or limitation.

17.—(1) A person who applies for the registration of a trade mark or the proprietor of a registered trade mark may—

(a) disclaim any right to the exclusive use of any specified element of the trade mark, or

(b) agree that the rights conferred by the registration shall be subject to a specified territorial or other limitation;

and where the registration of a trade mark is subject to a disclaimer or limitation, the rights conferred by section 13 shall be restricted accordingly.

(2) If on an application for the registration of a trade mark, it appears to the Controller that any particular element of the trade mark is not distinctive and the inclusion of the element in the trade mark could give rise to doubts as to the scope of protection of the trade mark, he may refuse to accept the application unless the applicant agrees to make a disclaimer in respect of that element under subsection (1) (a) within such period as the Controller may specify.

(3) Particulars of any disclaimer or limitation shall be entered in the register.

Infringement Proceedings