Harbours Act, 1996

Liability for pilotage charges in respect of certain pilotage services.

65.—(1) As respects the services of a pilot that are obtained for any ship in a pilotage district pilotage charges may be imposed on any of the following persons, namely—

(a) the owner or master of the ship;

(b) a consignee or agent who has paid or made himself or herself liable to pay any other charge on account of the ship in the harbour of its arrival, discharge or departure.

(2) A consignee or agent (not being the owner or master of the ship concerned) referred to in subsection (1) may, out of any moneys received by him or her on account of the ship concerned or belonging to the owner thereof, retain the amount of all pilotage charges paid by him or her in respect of that ship, together with any reasonable expenses he or she may have incurred by reason of the payment of the pilotage charges or his or her liability to pay the pilotage charges.

(3) A company may require a person referred to in subsection (1) to give a bond of a specified amount in favour of the company to recover pilotage charges.