Adoptive Leave Act, 1995

Disputes regarding entitlement under this Act.

32.—(1) This Part does not apply to an adopting parent who is in employment as a member of the Defence Forces.

(2) Any dispute other than—

(a) a dispute relating to a dismissal, including a dismissal within the meaning of the Act of 1977 or, the termination of a contract of employment, or

(b) a claim under Part IV of the Act of 1967 as extended by section 29 , or

(c) a dispute under section 11 of the Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Act, 1973 , as extended by section 30 ,

between an adopting parent and the relevant employer, relating to the adopting parent's entitlements under this Act (or to any matter arising out of or related to such entitlements), may be referred by either party to the dispute to a rights commissioner.

(3) A rights commissioner shall hear the parties to a dispute under this Part and any evidence relevant to the dispute tendered by them.

(4) The Minister may make regulations for the purposes of this Part.