Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act, 1993

Injury benefit.

[1981, s. 42(1); 1991, s. 42(1); 1993, s. 38(1)]

53.—(1) Subject to this Act, an insured person who suffers personal injury caused on or after the 1st day of May, 1967, by accident arising out of and in the course of his employment, being insurable (occupational injuries) employment, shall be entitled to injury benefit in respect of any day on which, as the result of the injury, he is incapable of work during the injury benefit period:

Provided that an insured person shall not be entitled to injury benefit in respect of the first 3 such days.

[1986, s. 13(b)]

(2) For the purposes of this section, a day shall not be treated in relation to an insured person as a day of incapacity for work if, in respect of that day, the insured person is being paid by his employer in respect of holiday leave.

[1981, s. 42(3)]

(3) In determining whether the insured person is incapable of work on the day of the accident, any part of that day before the happening of the accident shall be disregarded.

[1981, s. 42(4)]

(4) Subject to this Part, injury benefit shall be an allowance payable at the weekly rate set out in column (2) of Part I of the second Schedule .

[1988, s. 24(1)]

(5) The amount payable by way of injury benefit for any day of incapacity shall be one-sixth of the appropriate weekly rate, subject to the total amount being paid at any time by virtue of this subsection being rounded up to the nearest 10p where it is a multiple of 5p but not also a multiple of 10p and being rounded to the nearest 10p where it is not a multiple of 5p or 10p.

[1981, s. 42(6)]

(6) A person under the age of 16 years shall not be entitled to injury benefit except in so far as may be provided by regulations.