Animal Remedies Act, 1993

Authorised officers.

10.—(1) There may be appointed in writing such and so many of the Minister's officers or other persons as the Minister thinks fit to be authorised officers for the purposes of some or all of the provisions of this Act as shall be specified therein.

(2) A warrant of appointment as an authorised officer shall be issued to every person appointed under this section and when exercising any function conferred on the person as an authorised officer such person shall, if requested by a person affected, produce the warrant to that person.

(3) The Minister may at any time terminate an appointment as an authorised officer, whether or not the appointment was for a fixed period.

(4) An appointment as an authorised officer shall cease—

(a) where the Minister terminates it pursuant to subsection (3),

(b) where it is for a fixed period, on the expiry of that period,

(c) where the person appointed is an officer of the Minister, upon his ceasing to be such an officer.

(5) Nothing in subsection (4) shall be construed so as to prevent the Minister from reappointing as an authorised officer a person to whom that paragraph relates.