Roads Act, 1993

The Authority and the physical planning process.

22.—(1) The Authority may, in relation to its functions under this Act, at any time make recommendations in writing to a planning authority as to the content of that authority's development plan and any such recommendations shall be considered by the planning authority.

(2) When performing any function in relation to the construction or improvement of a national road (including the preparation of a draft plan under section 18 ) the Authority shall—

(a) consider the proper planning and development of the area in which that road is or is to be situated,

(b) consider the effects (if any) the works concerned would have on the environment of the area concerned, and

(c) have regard to the provisions of the development plan and any special amenity area order or tree preservation order relating to such area.

(3) (a) Where in the performance of its functions under section 19 or 20 , the Authority proposes that a national road be constructed along a particular alignment and the appropriate road authority under section 13 objects to that alignment, the road authority may make representations in writing to the Authority and the Authority shall consider such representations.

(b) Where following the consideration by the Authority of representations received under paragraph (a), agreement on the alignment has not been reached and the representations have not been withdrawn, the road authority may make representations in writing to the Minister in relation to the matter.

(c) The road authority shall send a copy of any representations made by it under paragraph (b) to the Authority and the Authority may, within one month after the date on which the copy is received, make representations in writing to the Minister.

(d) The making of representations by a road authority under this subsection shall be a reserved function.