Environmental Protection Agency Act, 1992

Monitoring of environmental quality and emissions.

96.—(1) The Agency shall, in relation to an activity, carry out, cause to be carried out, or arrange for, such monitoring of—

(a) environmental quality, and

(b) the nature, extent and effects of emissions to the environment,

as the Agency may consider necessary for the performance of its functions under this Part.

(2) The Agency may, as it considers necessary, require the person in charge of an activity from which there is an emission to the environment to carry out such monitoring of the nature, extent and effect of the emission and of the quality of any environmental medium likely to be affected by such emission, and to keep and to supply to the Agency such records of the monitoring as the Agency considers necessary.

(3) The Agency shall carry out, cause to be carried out, or arrange for, such monitoring or other measures as it considers necessary to verify the monitoring or records of such monitoring provided for under subsection (2).

(4) The Agency shall require the making of such measurements, calculations or estimates, and the keeping of such records, as may be prescribed in relation to emissions of prescribed substances by such activities as may be prescribed and shall make such records available or cause such records to be made available for inspection by the public at all reasonable times and publish or cause to be published such records.

(5) The Agency shall, if so directed by the Minister, supply to him or to any person specified by him, at such intervals and in such manner as the Minister may direct, records of any monitoring carried out under this section.