Environmental Protection Agency Act, 1992



Regulations for control of noise.

106.—(1) The Minister may, following consultation with any Minister of the Government who in the opinion of the Minister is concerned and with the Agency, make regulations for the purpose of the prevention or limitation of any noise which may give rise to a nuisance or disamenity, constitute a danger to health, or damage property.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), regulations under this section may provide for all or any of the following—

(a) controlling sources of noise,

(b) (i) specifying maximum limits for noise either generally or in specified areas or classes of areas,

(ii) specifying maximum limits for noise emissions, from or into premises or classes of premises, either generally or at specified periods, or

(iii) specifying maximum limits of noise levels in prescribed premises,

(c) regulating the operation, including licensing, of trades, processes or works, including the timing and control of movements of vehicles and the operation of engines and plant which are, or may be, sources of noise,

(d) limiting or prohibiting the use of loudspeakers in or adjoining public places, including different provisions for different places or classes of places and at different times, and subject to such exceptions as may be specified,

(e) the measurement of noise and the investigation of noise effects, or

(f) the imposition of charges or the payment of fees for the purposes of the regulations or for services performed thereunder.

(3) The Act of 1963 is hereby amended by the addition at the end of Part IV of the Third Schedule of the entry: “14. Securing the reduction or prevention of noise.”.