Sea Pollution Act, 1991

Collection and application of fines.

33.—(1) Subject to subsection (3), all fines in respect of offences under this Act shall be paid into the Exchequer in accordance with such directions as may, from time to time, be given by the Minister for Finance.

(2) Where a fine imposed on the owner or master of a ship is not duly paid, the court may, without prejudice to any other powers for enforcing payment, direct that any amount of the fine remaining unpaid be levied by the distress and sale of such property, comprising the ship, its equipment and stores as the court thinks necessary.

(3) Where it appears to the court imposing a fine that any person has incurred, or will incur, expense in removing any pollution, or making good any damage attributable to the offence, the court may order that the whole of the fine, or such part thereof as may be specified in the order, be paid to that person for or towards defraying the expense.