Pensions Act, 1990

Functions of Board.

10.—(1) The functions of the Board shall be—

(a) to monitor and supervise the operation of this Act and pensions developments generally;

(b) to advise the Minister either at his request or on its own initiative on all matters relating to the functions assigned to the Board under this Act and on matters relating to pensions generally;

(c) to issue guidelines on the duties and responsibilities of trustees of schemes and codes of practice on specific aspects of their responsibilities;

(d) to encourage the provision of appropriate training facilities for trustees of schemes;

(e) to advise the Minister on standards for trustees of schemes and on their implementation;

(f) to publish an annual report and such other reports as it may from time to time consider necessary;

(g) to perform such tasks as the Minister may from time to time request.

(2) The Board shall have such powers as are necessary for or incidental to the performance of its functions.