Safety, Health and Welfare At Work Act, 1989

Miscellaneous adaptations.

29.—(1) References to the Minister (other than in respect of making rules, regulations, bye-laws, orders, exemptions or exceptions) contained immediately before the establishment day in any existing enactment shall, insofar as they relate to functions exercisable by the Authority under this Act, be construed as references to the Authority.

(2) Where immediately before the establishment day any legal proceedings are pending to which the Minister is a party and the proceedings have reference to a function exercisable by the Authority, the name of the Authority shall be substituted in the proceedings for that of the Minister and the proceedings shall not abate by reason of such substitution.

(3) Anything commenced before the establishment day by or under the authority of the Minister may, so far as it relates to functions exercisable by the Authority, be carried on and completed on or after such establishment day by the Authority.

(4) Every instrument made or issued under an existing enactment which was in force immediately before the repeal of that enactment by section 4 shall continue in force as if made or issued under this Act.