Bankruptcy Act, 1988

Distribution of estate.

(cf. 1857, ss. 286, 288, 289, 290, 292, 293)

82.—(1) As soon as convenient after the receipt by him of sufficient funds to meet expenses, fees, costs and preferential payments and to pay a dividend to creditors in any bankrupt's estate the Official Assignee shall place on the Court file a list of creditors admitted by him or by the Court, a copy of the relevant account of the bankrupt in his books, particulars of expenses, fees, costs, preferential payments and dividend payable to creditors and his report on the realisation of the estate.

(2) The Official Assignee shall present the documents and the report filed in accordance with subsection (1) to the Court at a sitting to be held not less than twenty-one days after notice of the filing and of the sitting has been given in the prescribed manner.

(3) At the sitting the Court may make such order as it thinks fit for distribution of the estate or any part thereof by payment of the expenses, fees, costs and preferential payments as well as the relevant dividend.

(4) The file referred to in subsection (1) shall be open to public inspection on payment of a prescribed fee but no fee shall be charged to creditors inspecting the file.

(5) If for any reason the estate of the bankrupt is not fully distributed at such sitting, second and subsequent distributions shall be made as soon as convenient after the realisation of the residual estate. The procedure shall be the same as for the first distribution.

(6) In any case where there are no funds, or in the opinion of the Official Assignee insufficient funds, available for distribution to the creditors the Court may order the payment of expenses, fees and costs in that order so far as the funds extend. Where a balance remains, it shall be transferred to the account referred to in section 84 (1).