Finance Act, 1986

Double rent allowance as a deduction in computing trading income.

45.—(1) (a) In this section—

“lease”, “lessee”, “lessor” and “rent” have the meanings respectively assigned to them by Chapter VI of Part IV of the Income Tax Act, 1967 ;

“qualifying lease” means a lease in respect of a qualifying premises granted in the qualifying period on bona fide commercial terms by a lessor to a lessee who is not connected with the lessor, or with any other person who is entitled to a rent in respect of the qualifying premises, whether under that lease or any other lease;

“qualifying period” means the period commencing on the 23rd day of October, 1985, and ending on the 31st day of May, 1989, or, where section 41 (2) applies, the specified period;

“qualifying premises” means a building or structure the site of which is wholly within a designated area and—

(i) (I) which is an industrial building or structure within the meaning of section 255 (1) of the Income Tax Act, 1967 , or

(II) in respect of which an allowance falls to be made for the purposes of income tax or corporation tax, as the case may be, under Chapter II of Part XV or under Chapter I of Part XVI of that Act, by reason of section 42 , and

(ii) which is let on such terms as are referred to in paragraph (b) (ii) of the definition of “qualifying premises” in the said section 42 ;

“relevant rental period”, in relation to a qualifying premises, means the period of ten years commencing on the day on which rent in respect of that premises is first payable under any qualifying lease.

(b) A person shall be regarded for the purposes of this section as connected with another person if he would be so regarded for the purposes of section 16 of the Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1968 .

(2) Where, in the computation of the amount of the profits or gains of a trade or profession, a person is, apart from this section, entitled to any deduction (hereafter in this subsection referred to as “the first-mentioned deduction”) on account of rent in respect of a qualifying premises occupied by him for the purposes of that trade or profession which is payable by him in the relevant rental period in relation to that qualifying premises under a qualifying lease, he shall be entitled in that computation to a further deduction equal to the amount of the first-mentioned deduction.