Fire Services Act, 1981

Licensing of premises under other enactments.

24.—The applicant for—

(a) a certificate for the grant or renewal of a licence (other than an off-licence) under the Licensing Acts, 1833 to 1981,

(b) the grant or renewal of a certificate of registration under the Registration of Clubs Acts, 1904 to 1981,

(c) a licence in respect of premises under—

(i) the Public Dance Halls Act, 1935 , or

(ii) Part IV of the Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1890 , or

(d) a certificate in respect of premises under the Gaming and Lotteries Acts, 1956 to 1979,

shall give one month's notice in writing (or such shorter period of notice as the fire authority may in the special circumstances of the case agree to accept) of the application to the fire authority in the functional area of which the premises are situated, and the fire authority may appear, be heard and adduce evidence in respect of the application on the hearing thereof.