Trading Stamps Act, 1980

Provisions in relation to catalogues.

6.—(1) Every company which is the promoter of a trading stamp scheme under which the company offers goods or services in exchange for trading stamps shall publish and make reasonably available a catalogue which lists the goods or services which are offered in exchange for the trading stamps.

(2) Every catalogue published by or on behalf of the promoter of a trading stamp scheme shall—

(a) illustrate or otherwise identify the goods or services offered in exchange for trading stamps,

(b) state the number of stamps for which each item in the catalogue will be exchanged,

(c) state the name and the address of the registered office of the company promoting the scheme, and

(d) state the date on which the catalogue shall cease to be valid, which date shall be not less than six months after the date specified in subsection (3) (b) of this section.

(3) For the purposes of this section a company which is the promoter of a trading stamp scheme shall be deemed not to have complied with the provisions of subsection (1) of this section unless the company has—

(a) lodged with the Minister a copy of the catalogue,

(b) announced, after the catalogue has been lodged with the Minister and not later than one month before the date on which the catalogue will become operative, in at least one daily newspaper circulating throughout the State that the catalogue will become operative from a date specified in the announcement, and

(c) supplied a copy of the catalogue to every shop or other premises where the trading stamps are offered to the public.