Packaged Goods (Quantity Control) Act, 1980


2.—(1) In this Act—

“the Act of 1970” means the Merchandise Marks Act, 1970 ;

“container” includes a bag, bottle, box, case, carton, envelope, net, sack or wrapper and also an inner container;

“equipment” includes any electrical or other appliance or equipment (or any part thereof) or any other machine or machinery (or any part thereof);

“goods” means anything which is the subject of trade, manufacture or merchandise and, in relation to a package, excludes the container included in the package;

“importer” in relation to a package means, subject to subsection (3) of this section, the person by whom or on whose behalf the package is entered for customs purposes on importation;

“inspector” means, except in section 3 (2) (h) of this Act, a person who is appointed under section 13 of this Act by the Minister to be an inspector for the purposes of this Act;

“the e-mark” has the meaning assigned to it by section 11 of this Act;

“the Minister” means the Minister for Industry, Commerce and Tourism;

“package” means a container containing goods together with the goods in the container;

“packer” means, in relation to a package, the person who in the course of carrying on a business placed or caused to be placed in the container included in the package the goods so included;

“prescribed” means prescribed by regulations under this Act.

(2) If two or more different quantities are expressed on a package to which section 8 of this Act applies, of those quantities all except the one which indicates the larger or largest quantity shall be disregarded for the purposes of this Act.

(3) Where a package which is marked with the e-mark is brought into the State from another member state of the European Economic Community, then for the purposes of this Act the package shall be regarded as not having been imported.

(4) In case a notice described in section 3 (2) (i) of this Act is for the time being in force, then as regards the person on whom the notice is served section 11 (3) of this Act shall be construed and have effect subject to the terms of the notice.