Medical Practitioners Act, 1978

Provisional registration.

28.—(1) A person who has been awarded a primary qualification shall not become registered in the register otherwise than by way of provisional registration, unless he has been granted a certificate of experience by the body which awarded him that primary qualification.

(2) A certificate of experience shall not be granted to any person for the purposes of subsection (1) of this section unless, after he had been awarded a primary qualification, that person had been engaged in employment in a residential medical capacity in one or more hospitals approved by the Council for this purpose and had been so engaged for such period or periods as may be determined by the Council.

(3) In this section “employment in a residential medical capacity” means employment in the practice of medicine where the person in question is resident in a hospital where he is employed or conveniently near thereto, and he is, by the terms of his employment, required to be so resident.