Mergers, Take-Overs and Monopolies (Control) Act, 1978

Relevant period for purpose of section 3.

6.—(1) For the purpose of section 3, the relevant period in relation to a particular merger or take-over shall be the period of three months beginning on the date on which the Minister first receives a notification under section 5 (1) or, where the Minister requests further information under section 5 (2), the date of receipt by him of such information.

(2) Where a person involved in a proposed merger or take-over which is being investigated by the Examiner under section 8 applies, by virtue of that section, to the High Court for a declaration under section 15 of the Act of 1972, the period beginning on the date of the application and ending on the date of the decision of the High Court, or (where that decision is appealed) the date of the decision of the Supreme Court, on the application shall, notwithstanding any other provision of this section, not be reckoned in calculating the relevant period for the purposes of this section.